UPDATE: Daily editor stipends — 13 editors each get $2,320

I recently found a couple interesting emails to dailywatch@gmail.com that accidentally went to the spam folder [March 13-14]. One writer had issues with a remark I made in this post, regarding the stipends The McGill Daily’s editors received in comparison to The McGill Tribune’s stipends.

I emailed Byron Tau (who wrote the Trib article on the alleged copying of other articles’ text by The Daily’s Features editor) to find out the Tribune’s stipends. Tau tells me

The budget changes, but most of hte section editors make 250 a semester. News makes 300. Managing and ed in chief make a lot more, but I don’t know how much. We also get bonuses depending on how well the Trib does — and I’m not sure the amounts.

That means that most Tribune editors get $500 per year, disregarding potential bonuses. They publish only once a week, unlike The Daily, but they don’t have a wire service, which The Daily uses every issue.

The guy who emailed me was an editor for The Daily. Last year, he says regular editors got $290 per MONTH. With eight months of publication, that means that most [13] of the editors of The Daily each got $2320 per year. The editors [4] of a few smaller sections, such as Mind & Body, get half that much.

So, an editor of The McGill Daily typically makes over 4 times as much for his/her extracurricular troubles as an editor of The McGill Tribune, a newspaper that publishes half as much. The Daily editors whose section is only once per week —

plus the editors of the once-weekly Le Délit — organize the same amount of pages as a Tribune editor but make over twice as much.

The amount of the DPS stipend has never been on the Daily Publication Society’s website, nor has it been published in the newspaper or on The Daily’s blogs, before or after any referendum votes on The Daily’s funding… That kind of discretion is better for a cadre than it is for a co-op. Is this supposed to be protecting the “non-hierarchical structure” ?


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