If the Public Editor’s going to write about “Sparing the Rich” again, he might mention another article with intentional copying

Someone points out to me that this Daily article, by ex-Features editor Martin Lukacs, from the spring before last evidently got some “textual inspiration” from this article in The Guardian five months before. Right now, the last section of The Daily article stands out to me as having similarities to The Guardian piece by Robert Reiner. The clearest example is that Reiner writes in The Guardian:

Sir Ian’s basic question, “What kind of police service do we want?” cannot be considered in isolation from the question of the kind of society we have and want. Policing is a symbol, not a source, of the character of a civilisation.

And the ex-Features editor writes in his concluding lines:

By shifting the terms on which we think about policing and crime, we take the first step towards ensuring real security in the future. The question of what kind of police service we want cannot be answered in isolation from the question of what kind of society we have and want.

The Guardian is not credited at all, and the copying is obviously intentional. I find it hard to believe that the writer wasn’t aware that people would see this as plagiarism.

There are also some smaller bits of identical text. But ignoring the identical text, other aspects of the article — such as taking Reiner’s use of a quote from the novel The Long Goodbye and some analysis similar to Reiner’s — would make a situation analogous to, though worse than, the one The Harvard Crimson had, for which they discontinued the author’s column and printed an immediate retraction.

There’s no retraction yet for actions of the guy whom they replaced with James McNultey and now Omar Little from the cable show The Wire


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