Daily wins referendum with an 80% YES vote

It’s not on The Daily’s website yet, but it’s on The Tribune’s. As expected, The McGill Daily will not have difficulty planning its budget next year or producing two print issues per week, which would have been the result of a NO vote.

… No word yet on whether The McGill Tribune will be able to survive the mighty lawsuit threatened by the Coordinating Editor of The Daily, when The Tribune endorsed a YES vote for the social good called a free press.

[ UPDATE: Election results are up on The Daily’s website now. Their news story quotes the current student rep who was the Features editor for last year’s inexplicable “Jewish Like Me” piece:

DPS Board of Directors member Jeremy Delman said he hoped the support for The Daily’s existence evidenced in Friday’s results would convince the administration that a follow-up referendum in five years’ time is unnecessary.

… Not very comforting to hear from a student rep if you’re a believer in voting rights, since Delman doesn’t say votes should take place every 8 years or 10 or whatever.

As though trying to outdo himself in audaciousness, here Delman writes a Hyde Park called “Yes to Accountability, no to neverendums,” in which he uses variations of the word “accountability” to refer to a principle that instead comes under the word “inclusivity.”

Delman waxes on with the usual line about how the content of The Daily can change by its getting volunteers with more diverse opinions (that is, if group pressures in the EdBoard don’t conveniently dissuade them from fully participating, or at all). Delman’s incorrect use of the word “accountability” throughout the piece is either Orwellian nonsense, or an embarrassing confusion of language by a former editor. ]


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